4-Leaf Double-Eye Spring for 3,500-lb Trailer Axles - 25-1/8" Long

Spring for 3,500-lb Trailer

SKU: SP-212275
  • Specs:

    • Quantity: 1 leaf spring
    • Spring capacity: 1,750 lbs
    • Axle capacity: 3,500 lbs
    • Length from center of spring eye to center of spring eye: 25-1/8"
    • Spring width: 1-3/4"
    • Eye diameter with bushing: 9/16"
      • Eye diameter without bushing: 11/16"
    • Leaf thickness: 5/16"
    • Number of leaves: 4
    • Note: To ensure proper axle alignment and suspension performance, leaf springs should always be replaced in pairs.


      To mount this spring, you will need hangers, shackle straps, and suspension bolts. If you are simply replacing a spring, you may still have hangers welded onto your trailer. You should, however, replace your shackle straps because they are usually the first component to wear out. You may choose to replace old suspension bolts as well. It is recommended that you replace the other leaf spring in your setup at the same time. Because springs can sag and elongate as they wear, this new spring may not exactly match the old one, and the alignment of your trailer could be affected.


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